What is the meaning behind 1072 Studio?

The numbers 1072 are the last four digits in the house/landline phone number my mother had for 41 years.

I started with the name Carte Blanche Studios, which I really liked, but it didn’t stick. Then I changed it to Butter Cake Studios, which didn’t make any sense at all, especially when the Web Designer said it sounded like a site for cake recipes instead of books!

So, I went with a name that meant something to me, and I think having a home phone number for 41 years, is a big deal.

Writing is not something I do... It is who I Am.

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M. Johnson

Aside from my experiences in the film industry, and in the theatre world, I can now add my experience with independent publishing to the list. I’m a Pinterest junkie (I thought I was recovering, but apparently NOT!); I’m a small-time movie critic with my own Facebook film group, Film Geek Goddess, and I’m from the San Francisco Bay Area, currently living in Louisiana. 

My top five favorite films are: LaFemme Nikita (1990), Sixteen Candles, Hairspray (1988), Close Encounters of the Third Kind, and The Bad News Bears (1976).  I was once shamed for this top five list, but maybe that person was just a cinephile snob.  (Joe, insert the emoji eye roll here, if you can)

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