A very nice book

Peach and Plum

A New York Times Bestseller …. one day…

The story of Peach and Plum is a magnum-opus in children’s middle grade literature, and instead of opening the book, readers will find themselves crawling inside of the story just to be a part of everything that happens in it.

An excerpt taken from Amazon:

““……Maverick Elem(entary) is a place where mean-girl bullies get kicked out of their own clique. Where 5th graders, who are legendary sports stars, hog the kickball court. It’s where spontaneous dance battles with teachers pop off. A place where resting snooty-faced girls with snarky little attitudes turn on each other, and where shy little girls are forced to speak up.

   There are tomboy girls who love sports, and popular quick-witted, mouthy boys who are the center of attention. It’s about boys and their googlie-eyed crushes on girls with tenth grade attitudes, and boys who just want to play a game of kickball like their life depended on it. There’s an overflow of positive Black male role models, and a season of birthday parties where the children discover their unexpected tribe.

   Maverick Elem is a place where teachers can be neo soul bohemian, city slick hipster-ish, dapper-dan clean, and/or legendary. And last, but certainly not least, Maverick Elem is the setting for an actual H-E-A in the near, distant future…(happily ever after).


   It is also a place where two little girls become a Peach and a Plum.